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Team Mavericks UAS is all about the development of drones and other Unmanned Aerial Systems or UAS. The team strives to work and develop efficient, cost-effective solutions for problem statements where drones are used. After few years of dormancy due to COVID-19, the team is all set to take-off once again.

Our Motto is “Flying to New Heights” Trying out new challenges, developing a problem-solving attitude is at the core of the team.

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Upmanyu Jha


We Love to Build

  1. SAE AeroTHON: AeroTHON organised by SAEINDIA Aerospace Forum is a competition for students with primary focus on developing design, build and piloting skills of UAS to prepare them for the emerging market. The team shall design a UAV that can carry a specified payload and deliver it to a target area by manual as well as autonomous operations.

  2. Matlab MathWorks Minidrone Competition: Here the team is required to develop path planning, image processing, and control systems for a minidrone line follower in simulations.

  3. ICUAS'23 UAV Competition: Organised by ICUAS, in this challenge, the task of the UAV is to navigate an unknown 3D environment to inspect infrastructure and find defects. The competition focuses on three aspects: 'Exploration' of bounded but unknown 3D space, 'Detection' of defects and reconstruction of their position, and 'Pose Estimation' that enables precise localization of defects.


Established in 2015, the Legacy of Achievements by our talented senior team members are as follows:

● Achieved 48th Rank in SAE AeroThon Phase 1, a national level drone design competition where 89 teams had participated.

● Achieved 43rd overall rank in AUVSI SUAS 2019

● Designed and fabricated a VTOL Aircraft

● Featured in the Bombay Times (7th June 2018) Newspaper Article

● The team participated and completed the obstacle course of OP-RAHAT 2017 at IIT Bombay in 73 seconds.

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Where you can find us

Fr. Agnel Ashram, Bandstand Promenade, Mount Mary, Bandra - West, Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400050.